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At Johns Painting our experienced team has been providing a reliable and professional painting and decorating service since 1983.

We are a member of the Housing Industries Association and a licenced painter & Decorator (LIC No 255142C), which assures you of the quality and professionalism of our work.

We also maintain the insurances nesessary to protect you in the event of a mishap on the job.

We cover all internal and external surfaces on houses, home units, offices,shops and other commercial premises. We use only quality materials to produce a superior finish.

We recommend Dulux paints for their quality and the reliability of their products. You can visit their web site by clicking on the ir logo above to see their extensive range of products. We use other brands at your request

Over the years we have had many of our customers remark on the friendly nature of our service and the quality of our work. Some of them have been impressed enough to write to us and let us know how much they have appreciated our work. We do not have the space here to include them all however if you click on this LINK you can see just two of those letters.

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